Decolonial Learning Sessions

The goal of the decolonial learning sessions is to build a larger and more sustainable activist community and network which can exchange and learn more about decolonial theory and practise.

During the online lectures and interactive Q&A sessions, participants will be provided with perspectives on decolonization, activist movements, colonial history, different forms of oppression, spirituality, and how neo-colonialism is manifesting today. The program is meant for those who are interested in being part of, social movements, activism or who want to learn more about the ongoing global struggle for decolonization and dismantling forms of oppression. The goal for the learning sessions is that they are accessible for people with or without academic backgrounds.

Where to watch/listen

The sessions are recorded and can be found on our blog which include reading & watching tips for further learning.
You can also check out our youtube playlist for video or anchor for audio listening. Session are a mix of dutch and english. To stay updated on the next session you can sign up to our newsletter or keep an eye on events.

Extra tips;
> You can also check out our Decolonize the Mind Educational Toolkit for educators here .
> you could start your own reading group with friends and relatives by watching the different sessions and using the syllabus.

Decolonial Learning Sessions Syllabus

Check out the Decolonial Learning Sessions Syllabus, a educational resource that contains the one-pagers of all decolonial learning sessions of 2021. This includes the topic of the session, a short introduction and overview of the program, and further readings on the subject.

Click here to download the syllabus of 2021.

Would like to donate for the learning sessions?
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Training or Workshop?
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