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Energy Sovereignty and Solidarity | Decolonial Learning Session #6

How can indigenous communities stand against green energy colonialism in Mexico?

Aralez invites international friend and guest; Rosa Marina Flores Cruz to speak about the themes of energy sovereignty and solidarity. This session will explore how the Assembly of Indigenous Peoples in Defense of the Land and the Territory (APIIDTT) are trying to address energy transition and energy sovereignty through community organization. This is in the context of a region influenced by green energy colonialism and its impact. Taking the form of an interview, we will explore what we can learn from the struggle and in what way we can strengthen meaningful solidarity practices.

For the audio click here

Bio Rosa Marina Flores Cruz

Rosa Marina Flores Cruz is an afro-Indigenous Binnizá woman part of the APIIDTT, she holds a Master in Rural Development and a Bachelor’s in Environmental Sciences. Her work issues are energy, gender, and environmental justice. Also, she is part of the Futuros Indígenas Network, which works on changing the hegemonic narrative about Indigenous peoples and climate change.

Watch, read and listening tips:


> ‘La mayoría de parques eólicos en el Istmo están instalados en tierras comunales’, R Bessi & E López. Link to article

> ‘The ‘solution’ is now the ‘problem:’ wind energy, colonisation and the ‘genocide-ecocide nexus’ in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca’, A Dunlap. Link to article

> ‘Mexico Unconquered: Chronicles of Power and Revolt’, J. Gibler.


> Bettina Cruz – #HazQueSeVean (video about the struggle, incl. Eng subs) Link to video

> Frontline Report: Indigenous Resistance to Megaprojects in Mexico and Hawaii Link to video


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