Our Team

Our team members are Chautuileo Tranamil, Chihiro Geuzebroek, Chris de Ploeg,  Max de Ploeg and Pravini Baboeram. If you would like to know more about our team members and their vision for Aralez you can also watch back our launch here.

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Chautuileo Tranamail
Cofounder & coordinator

Chautuileo Tranamil has worked on a global scale with grassroots communities, especially Indigenous peoples. As a Mapuche-Pewenche herself, she is committed to the well-being of Indigenous communities around the world. Through her work, she is always celebrating the spirit of Indigenous peoples, and honoring their rights, cultural beliefs and local practices. She has studied Political Sciences, International Relations and Conflict Studies in the Netherlands with a focus on Latin America, international public rights and Indigenous peoples. During her work and private life, she has become aware that climate change impacts the Indigenous communities more significantly than others at a global scale. In addition, solutions without Including the voices of the most marginalized are unlikely to be fair, or sustainable. Chautuileo has years of experience in the non-profit field, is a TEDx speaker, a Global Landscape Forum speaker, moderator and advisor for different NGOs in the field of business development, CSR, and fundraising.

Chris Kaspar de Ploeg:
Cofounder & coordinator

Chris Kaspar de Ploeg (1994) is an investigative journalist, grassroots organizer, speaker, moderator and author of Ukraine in the Crossfire. He has worked with Platform Authentieke Journalistiek and De Groene Amsterdammer and his work has been published in various other media. Chris was a lead organizer in the historic student movement of 2015 that occupied the humanities faculty and the managerial headquarters of the University of Amsterdam for nearly two months, under the banners of De Nieuwe Universiteit and the University of Colour. After he graduated cum laude from Amsterdam University College, with a major in the social sciences, Chris went on to work as a cultural-societal programmer at Studio/K, where he has organized with dozens of grassroots groups to bring social justice events to the neighborhood of East Amsterdam. Chris has also been a member of the Market Theater since 2019, both as a researcher and performer, to bring social justice theater for free to various local markets in Amsterdam.

Max Arto de Ploeg
Cofounder & coordinator

Max Arto de Ploeg is a community builder, grassroot organizer, moderator, musician, teacher, and public speaker. As an organizer he was the founder and program coordinator of the Decolonial School in Amsterdam (2016 period March-June) in which he was one of the lead organizers of the University Colour student movement for decolonization (2015-2016 period). After and during the Maagdenhuis occupation (2015), he was involved in setting up the Diversity Committee at the University of Amsterdam, where he worked as a student assistant and coordinator for Gloria Wekker during the committee’s investigation(2016-2017). He was a cultural & social programmer at Studio / K (period 2017-2018). Currently, Max works as an event organizer for an Inclusive City at Pakhuis de Zwijger and is the projectleader of the yearly Week Against Racism and Together Against Racism coalition in Amsterdam. He has been involved in setting up countless events ranging from symposia, lectures, conferences , festivals, workshops, art evenings, network & community gatherings and demonstrations. 

Pravini Baboeram
Cofounder & coordinator

Pravini Baboeram is an artist and activist, creating art to contribute to social change. She has been engaged in community work, translating decolonial theory to grassroots initiatives that challenge institutional racism and colonial legacies. She is the co-founder of action committee Holi is not a Houseparty, a campaign against cultural appropriation of the Hindu spring festival Holi, and initiator of the Anti-racism Voting Guide. In addition, she led the crowdfunding campaign Tetary Must Rise, which led to the replacement of the statue of colonizer Barnet Lyon by the Hindustani warrior of resistance Janey Tetary. Pravini also set up Indian History Month to celebrate stories and contributions of people from the Indian diaspora. More recently, Pravini directed, wrote and produced the music documentary “The Uprising”, a film that offers a decolonial perspective on the resistance movement against racism in Europe. The film serves as an educational tool to engage people in decolonial theory and practice.

Chihiro Geuzebroek
Cofounder & organizer

Chihiro Geuzebroek works to restore our relationship with earth and eachother. She does so in the capacity of film, decolonial climate justice activism, campaigning, public speaking and spoken word.  She is Director Producer of the feature film Radical Friends, former campaign manager of the political party BIJ1 and co-founder of Climate Liberation Bloc. In 2019 she worked for Greenpeace. She is currently screenwriting a speculative fiction script centering Indigenous futurism and personal, social and political healing from colonial erasure and (intergenerational) trauma.

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