Organizing principles

Here are some common principles we organize under. Some are inspired on lessons from the Zapatista’s. These are not rules but can be seen as the general background and values underlining our activities.

  • We respect diversity of strategies and tactics, e.g. not making a hierarchy between what is and what is not supposedly ‘activist’. Seeing diversity as a strength rather than a weakness and as an opportunity for collaboration rather than a threat of competition between the different ways of organizing.
  • We recognize that one can work inside institutions of all kinds and another from outside these institutions as a grassroot organizer, in which both positions from which one operates could amplify and strengthen each other.
  • We believe there are many forms in which one can contribute to change/ transform the system, our relation to each other, to nature or aim for social justice. This can be in the form of music, visual arts, through food, community activities or any other channel or form depending on one’s calling and talents. We recognize that diversity in this respect is crucial for a healthy movement.
  • We do not aim to reinvent the wheel, compete with others, impose what is ‘right or ‘wrong’ nor become an ideological vanguard party. The network aims to appreciate the diverse work and knowledge that is already being done and produced. Through the network we aim to empower, connect, give platform to and learn from different groups. This is why we believe in a leader-full movement that has rich and diverse voices aiming for similar goals from different angles, strategies and backgrounds.
  • Seeing discussion, debates and dialogues between different opinions and approaches as enriching. Instead of avoiding them or imposing views, we see them as ways of critical self-reflection and an opportunity to grow. 
  • We work towards sustainable and long term relationships with a humble and open attitude. This means giving space to each other to learn, and develop, celebrating differences and building trust in each other’s capacity to listen, learn and grow from possible mistakes.
  • In regards to brave spaces, we aim to learn to critique the system behind the act of a person doing something harmful, rather than individualizing or shaming people who reproduce taught and/or internalized oppression. Preferring “call-in” vs “call-out” culture surrounding collaborations.
  • With joy we celebrate our relationships as being part of an earth family. As we believe everyone has a unique gift, strength or voice that can flourish in it’s right environment, we aim to be the soil for everyone’s seeds/talents to grow. This so that people’s talents can in turn become a gift to the community.
  • We work mainly from grassroots independent organizations, meaning no government or corporate entities. This does not mean the network does not include people who work from the ‘inside’.
  • We do not believe in representational forms where someone speaks in the name of others. People have their own voice and can speak as part of a movement or group but not in their name. This also means that the different opinions and voices platformed through this network do not represent the voice or opinions of the network as a whole.