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Welcome to our decolonial blog page. Here we share recorded interviews, talks and panels on decolonial concepts, histories, strategies of chance, information and tips to learning sources.

Topics can relate to capitalism, imperialism, (neo-) colonialism, ecocide & climate breakdown, (institutional) racism, spirituality, genocide and patriarchy from a decolonial perspective. If you would like to propose a subject or idea for a post, do feel free to contact us. Posts wil be based mostly on our bi-weekly Decolonial Learning Sessions. If you would like to attend a decolonial learning session do keep an eye on our events page.  

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Climate Justice Reparations | Decolonial Learning Sessions #4

How do we articulate demands that remedy colonial climate disruption and enables just transition processes? We will start this session with some historical perspective on reparations and the call for historical culprits of climate disruption to pay its climate debt. We will reflect on justice making and how different pillars of justice-making are situated, who […]


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