Activities & Goals

One of the main aims is to create solidarity, collaboration, empowerment and exchange of knowledge between progressive movements and communities of colour. Through this network we aim to exchange knowledge, tools and insights of how to translate decolonization into practise when transforming or changing institutions and policy. Secondly, to also deal with the question of how to create, sustain and strengthen grassroots and autonomous spaces and initiatives. Therefore activities will include: 

  • Developing or facilitating trainings & workshops for grassroot organizers, artists, writers, and speakers to get more tools & skills.
  • Organizing network-events where people can connect, get involved, be empowered and inspired. 
  • Provide consultation and network tips for organizations on possible strategies or actions. 
  • Create content such as blogs & podcasts that share knowledge, information and possible tools, insights and strategies around organizing.
  • Organizing events that share and exchange different colonial histories in order to overcome colonial divides, foster solidarity and understanding as an antidote to divide and rule mechanisms. 

Some possible Long Term Goals:

The long term vision of the network is to identify common goals for grassroots movements — while preserving and respecting the autonomy of the different movements–  to unify around. To achieve this we believe we need to develop:

  • Improved Communication Infrastructures for grassroots movements, such as putting out a newsletter with news and activities from every decolonial/progressive organization in the Netherlands
  • Work towards an annual day/weekend around decolonial activism which has inter-organizational meetings to exchange knowledge, agenda’s and work towards common events, conferences, direct actions and a common agenda.
  • Developing and strengthening our own alternative, autonomous institutions and infrastructures, such as the creation of an autonomous political community center.
  • Develop courses and retreats for activists to share and gain knowledge.

Below you can download our year report in Dutch.