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Climate Justice Reparations | Decolonial Learning Sessions #4

How do we articulate demands that remedy colonial climate disruption and enables just transition processes?

We will start this session with some historical perspective on reparations and the call for historical culprits of climate disruption to pay its climate debt. We will reflect on justice making and how different pillars of justice-making are situated, who has agency and which processes and focus belong to each strand.We will look at some examples of reparative justice struggles and where they stand. We will close with imagining restorative justice together.

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Bio Chihiro Geuzebroek

As an interdisciplinary artist/activist Chihiro focuses on restoring and restory-ing our relationship with earth and each other. She is the director of the climate justice documentary Radical Friends and has worked on audio visual shorts for Fossil Free Culture, Code Rood, Shell Must Fall, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace. She curated and produced installations for the exposition People Powered movement vs Shell 2020. She was co-founder of Climate Liberation Bloc(2017) and Aralez(2020). Her work currently exists of training movement, organizing, public speaking and writing.

Kijk-, lees- en luister tips


>Developed countries owe climate debt 2009 Link democracy Now interview 
> An introduction to reparations, Esther Stanford Xosei  / Link talk

Wangui Wa Kamonji explores African Indigenous knowledge for restorations & resilience
Link podcast

> “Decolonize Wealth, Edgar Villanueva 2018

Case study:
> “Michigan to pay $600M in Flint water crisis settlement; victim compensation fund created
Link article

> Land back Q&A In conversation with four Indigenous leaders Link article


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