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Pan-Afrikan & Decolonial Perspective on Reparations | Decolonial Learning Sessions #10

What is the necessity for (holistic) reparations and what would it entail in practise?

More than 500 years of colonialism has institutionalized various forms of oppression and extraction ranging from genocide, ecocide, continuous warfare, economic/social inequalities, racism and exploitation. How can we better understand the impact of colonialism reflected in today’s world and power relations, specifically by looking at the consequences of Transatlantic slavery for both the Afrikan continent and the Afrikan diaspora? What would reparations for this massive crime against humanity look like? What are examples of initiatives and efforts made to stop and repair this harm on an international level? And how does Afrikan Reparations relate to the struggles of other peoples who have also experienced historical & contemporary group-based injustice? Esther Stanford-Xosei will explore these questions from a Pan-Afrikan, Internationalist and decolonial perspective.

For the audio recording, click here.

Bio Esther-Stanford Xosei:
Esther-Stanford Xosei is a Reparations Specialist, Legal Advisor, International Advocate, Political Advisor, Scholar-Activist, Media Spokesperson, Environmentalist, Historian, Educator, Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Mentor. On a personal, political and professional level, repairing the historical and ongoing damage to Afrikan people and Mother Earth motivates Esther-Stanford Xosei to do her work.

Further reading and watching tips


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