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Human rights in Iran: past, present and future | Decolonial Learning Session #22

What’s happening in Iran? In this Decolonial Learning Session Setareh Sadeqi, an Iranian based activist, offers insights from inside Iran. With a critical perspective on both Western narratives and Iranian policies, Setareh will reflect on the current protests in Iran. From the impact of the Iranian revolution of 1979 on today’s Iranian society and it’s relationship with the West to the position of women and their struggle for equality.

For the audio recording, click here.

About the Speaker:

Setareh Sadeqi is Iranian based activist who lives in the city of Esfahan. She’s a Ph.D. and an independent researcher. She works as translator and a teacher. Setareh studied the US Civil Rights Movement and propaganda analysis as part of her Ph.D.

Listen and Reading tips:

Podcast Twice Told Tales

National Report on Women`s Status in the Islamic Republic of Iran 

Iranian Public Opinion under ‘Maximum Pressure’ 

Iran Protests: What’s Happening and What Comes Next, w/ Prof. Mohammad Marandi

Iranian women before and after the revolution – elements of development and progress


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