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Dutch colonialism in the 21st Century Caribbean | Decolonial Learning Session #12

Colonial politics and practices of the Netherlands on Bonaire and other Caribbean islands.

In this learning session, Kjelld Kroon will share with us how Bonaire experiences colonial politics from the European Netherlands in the 21st century. Leading to the questions: How can it be that the Netherlands that speaks so much of human rights and equality is violating these principles so systematically in the so called ‘Dutch Caribbean’? How can colonialism have ended when there are ‘oversea territories’ and can there be such a thing as ‘fair’ dependency?

For the audio recording, click here.

Bio Kjelld Kroon:

Kjelld Kroon comes from Rincon/Bonaire and studies in Leiden. He is an activist for Bonaire’s political rights and did an internship at Human Rights Bonaire in 2021. As a philosophy student; Global and comparative perspectives (Leiden) he specializes in decolonial and political philosophy.

Further reading material:

> The Dutch Caribbean Municipalities in Comparative Perspective by Wouter Veenendaal, In Island Studies Journal, Vol. 10 No.1, 2015. Click here.

> Bonaire’s Green Paper: Re-listing Bonaire on the United Nations’ List of Non-Self-Governing Territories, Foundation Nos Kier Boneiru Bek, Bonaire, 2017. Click here.

> Decolonising the Caribbean Dutch Policies in a Comparative Perspective by Inge Klinkers & Gert Oostindie. Click here.
> Political decolonization and self-determination : the case of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba . Click here.
> “Zo wordt ongelijkheid tussen Europees en Caribisch Nederland al jaren in stand gehouden” Click here


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