What is Decolonisation? (interview)

In this two part interview dr. Rolando Vázquez gives an introduction about key concepts and questions for the decolonisation of knowledge. Vázquez is an associate professor of Sociology at the University College Roosevelt of Utrecht University and co-founder of the Decolonial Summer School. The sessions were recorded by Studium Generale TU Delft in relation to the Decolonising Knowledge series.

Part I : Interview with Rolando Vázquez: What is decolonisation?

Part II : Interview with Rolando Vazquez : Decolonising Design & engineering

Extra Readingtips & links:
– More information about the full lecture series of Decolonising Knowledge can be found here
– A reading-list that was made for the Decolonising Knowledge series at SG TU Delft can be found here
– Link to more information about the Decolonial Summer School in the Netherlands can be found here


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