Arts of Resistance

Building a revolutionary arts community, a collaboration between Aralez, Afrogrooves, Afrispectives and Studio/K

The Arts of Resistance is a project born from a vision to connect two worlds – those of the arts and those of  social movements. From our point of view, the cultural scene of the Netherlands/Amsterdam is dominated by commercial and elitist programming and most of the institutions generally separate arts and music from substantive and critical debates. We think it is high time to propose a different way of being together. With many great examples from our history until now, revolutionary artists have provided energy and inspiration for countless social movements and helped spread their message to the masses. The power of a movement exists by the grace of the people who are active in it, by their health, happiness and mutual connection. Through the medium of the arts, we aim to build a vibrant community of artists and social movements that can strengthen each other and help propel the world towards a more just future.

Festival Arts of Resistance: location Studio/K, Amsterdam. Type: Mix online & location. Click here for more info.