Arts of Resistance

Building a revolutionary arts community, a collaboration between Aralez, Afrogrooves, Afrispectives and Studio/K. Through the medium of the arts, we aim to build a vibrant community of artists and social movements that can strengthen each other and help propel the world towards a more just society.

The Arts of Resistance is a project born from a vision to connect two worlds – those of the arts and those of  social movements. From our point of view, the cultural scene of the Netherlands/Amsterdam is dominated by commercial and elitist programming and most of the institutions generally separate arts and music from substantive and critical debates. We think it is high time to propose a different way of being together. With many great examples from our history until now, revolutionary artists have provided energy and inspiration for countless social movements and helped spread their message to the masses. The power of a movement exists by the grace of the people who are active in it, by their health, happiness and mutual connection. Through the medium of the arts, we aim to build a vibrant community of artists and social movements that can strengthen each other and help propel the world towards a more just future.

Upcoming events:

Festival: Cultures against imperialism | August 27th, 2022 | Melkweg, Amsterdam | 8 PM – 3 AM
Colonialism is not history. To this day, vast amounts of resources and labour-power are transferred each year from the Global South to the Global North. Governments are overthrown, workers exploited and ecosystems destroyed by Western multinational corporations. Throughout history there has been a rich tradition of anti-imperialist resistance in cultural and art movements.” From mass cultural organizations in Indonesia such as Lekra, to revolutionary artists working on Global South unity in Cuba. This festival will honour anti-imperialist resistance art, then and now. Ranging from conscious hip-hop to the art of drawing, from film and panelists to dance and afrobeat, we have a line-up full of organizers and artists that will bring anti-imperialist resistance alive in Amsterdam.

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Lowkey (UK)
Marikit Saturay
Yero Gaynaako
El Gato Andino

Siswa Santoso
Nadia Tilon
Tings Chak

Ali Al-Jaberi

Linangan (Willem Geertman Art & Culture Network)

Marikit Saturay
Chris de Ploeg
Anima Ruissen
Nadia Tilon

Burkinabè Rising: The Art of Resistance in Burkina Faso
Gaza Fights for Freedom
Dancehall Livity

Band members Afrogrooves:
Yinske Silva (vocals), Jermano Hoop (bass), Robbert Jaspers (drums), Abriel Ferreira (trumpet), Thomas Hanenberg (keys), Ibou Ndong (percussion), Oliver Emmitt (trombone) and Mark Oomen (guitar)

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20:00 – 22:00 TALKS & PERFORMANCES

20:00-22:10: EL GATO ANDINO
22:10-22:25: MARIKIT SATURAY
22:25-22:35: KEYOTE
22:35-22:55: YERO GAYNAAKO
22:55-00:15: LOWKEY


20:00 – 21:24 Gaza Fights for Freedom
21:24 – 21:54 Dancehall Livity
21:54 – 23:06 Burkinabe Rising

’Music is a weapon of the future / music is the weapon of the progressives / music is the weapon of the givers of life” – Fela Kuti

‘’If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution’’ – Emma Goldman

Watch Back:
Livecast Arts of Resistance | Geschiedenis van Protestmuziek, click here
Livecast Arts of Resistance | Protestmuziek tegen racisme, click here
Festival Arts of Resistance Global South Solidarity, click here
Livecast Arts of Resistance | Cultureel verzet tegen islamofobie, click here
Festival Arts of Resistance | Reclaiming the City, click here

Past events:

How to write revolutionary songs | Arts of Resistance. Datum: 29 augustus. Tijd: 12:00-15:00. Locatie: Studio/K. Klikt hier voor meer info.

– Festival Arts of Resistance With Lowkey (UK), Global South Solidarity | Datum: 28 augustus. Tijd: 19:00-01:00. Locatie: Studio/k. Klik hier voor meer info.

– Cultureel verzet tegen islamofobie | Arts of Resistance. Datum: 13 juli. Tijd: 20:00-21:30. Locatie: Online + fysiek bij Studio/k. Klik hier voor meer info.

– Livecast: Protestmuziek tegen racisme | Arts of Resistance. (language: dutch) Datum: di 15 juni. Tijd: 20:00. Locatie: Studio/K via livestream. Klik hier voor meer informatie.

– Workshop van concept naar campagne – creativiteit in activisme | Arts of Resistance. Datum: 11 juli. Tijd: 12:00-17:00. Locatie: Studio/K. Klik hier voor meer info.

– KILOS-AWIT (Movement-Song): a Creative Integrated Arts Workshop | Arts of Ressistance (english). Date: 29th of May. Time: 15:30 – 18:00. Location: Online/via zoom. Klik here for reservations en info.

– Festival Arts of Resistance
Date: 12 december, location Studio/K, Amsterdam. Type: Mix online & location. Click here for more info.

– Livecast: Geschiedenis van Protestmuziek | Arts of Resistance. (language: dutch) Datum: vr 18 juni. Tijd: 20:30. Locatie: Pakhuis de Zwijger via livestream. Klik hier voor meer informatie en hier om terug te kijken.

Festival Arts of Resistance: location Studio/K, Amsterdam. Type: Mix online & location. Click here for more info.