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Co-existence of traditional medicine next to conventional medicine in the post-colonial Caribbean | Decolonial Learning Session #13

How does traditional medicine co-exist next to conventional medicine in the post-colonial Dutch Caribbean?

During this Decolonial Learning Session Durwin Lynch will touch upon inter-and transgenerational traumas of Dutch Caribbean (sub)communities in relation to colonialism, racism and oppression. In his view embracing traditional healing practices, that have in general been kept ‘invisible’ throughout history, might support healing processes of inter and transgenerational trauma. He will focus his talk on exploring the deeper rooted tensions that both support and hinder the coexistence of traditional and conventional Western medicine/healing in the Dutch Caribbean. What are the historical roots of these tensions? To what extent is a potential bridge between traditional and conventional Western medicine/healing desirable and possible?

For the audio recording, click here.

Bio Durwin Lynch:

Durwin Lynch originates from the Dutch Caribbean (born in Surinam, raised on Curacao) and has a strong interest in addressing inter-and transgenerational trauma healing of Dutch Caribbean (sub) communities. He works as a PhD Researcher on the topic of ‘Public Engagement in Science’ at the Athena Institute Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and is the Program Coordinator of the Master Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in the Health and Life Sciences.

Additional reading:

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> Interview with Kevin Osepa – The Curaçao Artist Exploring Afro-Caribbean Spiritual Culture. Click here.


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